Feel the thrill of the Bromo Midnight Tour Package

Feel the thrill of the Bromo Midnight Tour Package. Bromo midnight tour package is a very exciting tour package to use. as the name implies, the midnight package means a holiday made in the evening exactly at midnight. This kind of holiday is perfect for people who do not have a long time to vacation, because midnight package holiday usually only implemented within one day.

Feel the thrill of the Bromo Midnight Tour Package

Feel the thrill of the Bromo Midnight Tour Package

Although only done within one day, but the satisfaction that will be obtained is the satisfaction of an optimal holiday. Beginning in the early hours, the journey will soon begin by taking a certain point on the mountain bromo. In this mountain there are also some tourist attractions that can be enjoyed and has a very beautiful scenery, for example is savanna grassland.

This grassland is so vast and beautiful, so beautiful to watch in the morning when the sun is not too hot. In addition to savanna pastures, bromo also has many other tourist attractions, one of which is the hill teletubies. This hill is a similar hill in cartoon teletubies, it’s just being on a large scale and very wide. On this hill, from a distance will look so beautiful hills that towered and exposed to the sun in the morning. After the hill teletubies, there is also a fountain that will make the view more perfect. After being pampered with cold air and so green scenery of savanna pastures and teletubies hills, bromo also has a natural tour that is no less interesting form of a waterfall that is so swift.

Bromo is a very appropriate tour to be used as a holiday destination. Moreover, if the holiday to the mountain is done with the family, it will feel more special. One tourist distance with other bromo tours is not a short distance, so usually bromo tour packages will provide a jeep as a means of moving tourist attractions one and the other, and with this holiday will feel even more special even just one day.

Bromo Tour Package and Some Tourist Attractions to Visit

Bromo Tour Package and Some Tourist Attractions to Visit. Active volcano is high-risk place to visit, particularly when the last eruption is less than five years ago. It does not mean tourists cannot enjoy it. One of top active volcanoes is Mount Bromo located in East Java. Records showed that this mountain had three eruptions in last ten years. That is impressive record, but still thousands of people want to visit it. You need to choose Bromo tour package because of several benefits, including safety.

Bromo Tour Package and Some Tourist Attractions to Visit

Mount Bromo is not just regular volcano because it becomes the center of culture, particularly for Tengger people. In this area, there is temple called Poten Bromo as the location to do Kadaya ritual. It is offering to Hindu deity or mountain god for blessing and prosperity. Tengger is ethnic group in East Java that came from Majapahit Kingdom in early 1500s. After Majapahit was overthrown by Demak, many royal families and their follower went into east area then settled in around Bromo. Culture attraction is the reason why many people visit this place. At Hindu Special day, you can see more Tengger and Hindu followers from Java who go to this mountain. For such experience, you should choose special Bromo tour package with https://mountbromotour.com/ .

Bromo Tour Package and Some Tourist Attractions to Visit

When visiting Bromo, several things have to be prepared. It is the active volcano, so you have to follow everything to keep the journey enjoyable. Moreover, the guide is local people, mainly Tengger with capacity to give proper instruction and have knowledge about Bromo. Another attraction is Sea of sand as the vast and plain sand area that covers particular section of Bromo. You can use vehicle or go around riding horse. Furthermore, you can enjoy mountain climbing to go step by step in Bromo crater. Make sure to have proper gear for this activity. Each attraction is centered on Bromo and Semeru because both of them are recognized as one National Park. Well, Bromo tour package also includes journey to Semeru and surrounding area.


The Best View During Mount Rinjani Trekking

During mountain climbing the tourists will indeed find good spots and the best natural scenery to capture the moment. As one of the most recomended mountains to climb, many people keep coming, visiting and climbing to the top of Rinjani. This is not without reason because this mountain does have some very beautiful photo spots. But to achieve some of the best spots you need a struggle and hard work because the spot is above the height of Rinjani. Here are three excellent spots that are often used by climbers who want to capture the moment as a moment’s memory.

Placer Sembalun

Plowing Sembalun is the last post that can be visited by climbers to rest before climbing to the top of Rinjani. Although not yet reached the peak but the scenery here is amazingly beautiful and not less with the view at the top of Rinjani so it’s no wonder quite a lot of tourists who lingered live in Plawangan Sembalun. In addition to rest to fill the energy of the climbers also enjoy the beauty of nature is very dear to miss.

Segara Anak Lake

In addition to Plawangan Sembalun another cool spot that is suitable to be used as a photo spot is Segara Anak lake which is under Plawangan Sembalun. So to reach it you have to descend the extreme terrain of the steep to get to and enjoy the beauty of the lake Segara Anak directly from close. In addition to taking pictures the climbers usually take advantage of Segara Anak lake is to fill the water supply they have because the trip up to the summit will be much more difficult and tiring.

Peak Rinjani

Meanwhile, the favorite spot of the climbers is definitely the top of Rinjani itself because of the peak of Rinjani climbers can enjoy the scenery of Lombok Island, the beauty of Segara Anak lake, Anak Gunung Rinjani called Mount Baru Jari and several other mountains that are outside the island of Lombok. With a variety of beauty is presented peak Rinjani it’s a pity when it reached the top but did not take pictures as memories and evidence have conquered Mount Rinjani¬†trekking.